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The theme this week on my Open University course is open educational resources.  I was surprised that our first activity was around Wikipedia as I guess expected to be looking more at open courseware and OER and (I do find it hard not to think of wine whenever I use this site).  But anyhoo we read a great article from the guardian by Nicholson Baker on editing wikipedia and I decided to bite the bullet and sign up for an editing account.

The sign up process was really easy.  Choose a user name and password enter the spam text phrase and away you go.  In my usual jump-in boots and all way of learning I immediately started to try to create a brand new page – which is currently under review.  I wouldn’t suggest doing that as I had to keep going back on the page to read the instructions.  I got there in the end but watching a few clips such as this one below advisable.  The review process can take a week or so so I’ll post the link here once it goes live.



Edinburgh University – E-Learning and Digital Cultures MOOC 

I have just finished studying on my first MOOC on Coursera.  The five week course explored the topic of Learning in the Digital Age.  The first two weeks of the course focused on the concept of Utopian and Dystopian views of technology.  The last two weeks were concerned with being human in a Digital Culture. Each week’s content was introduced with a clever ‘film festival’ where we were directed to watch a variety of short movies/animation/commericals on YouTube and other free online streaming sites.  Themes of the ‘films’ were explained and we were given links to journal articles published within open access journals for further reading.  We were encouraged to share our thoughts on the course content in a variety of ways including the coursera course forum and our own blogs.  Week five of the course was dedicated to the production of our assignment.  The brief for the assignment was to produce a digital artefact which showed our understanding of at least one theme of the course.  The artefact needed to be published openly on the web so that others may access it and it was peer-reviewed by at least three other students who were randomly allocated artefacts to assess.  You can see my effort in the previous blog post 🙂

One of the most interesting things about this course was not the content and instruction but rather the interaction between students and the amount and variety of ‘groups’ that sprung up in relation to the course.  In addition to the course forum the edcMooc as it is known had its own Facebook Group, a Google+ group, #EDCmooc on twitter, weekly TweetChat #edcmoocchat and weekly Google+ hangouts.  Now the course has finished there is also an EDCmooc group on Linkedin.  Most of the these things listed were all student led.

Read more about the course please see and for an interesting article written by the course instructors about the challenge of designing the course please see


EDC mooc Digital Artifact

A Blog is born

This the post that started it all.  I am signed up for Coursera’s MOOC from Edinburgh University – E-learning and Digital Culture

And… I am starting a Post-Grad course through the Open University (UK) – Technology Enhanced Learning Practises and Debates.

Both courses will require a certain about of blogging…SO here I go into the bloggersphere

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